Time Management for Procrastinators

Getting more out of your day..



60-75 minute Professional Development session.


120-180 minute Professional Development workshop.


We’ve all asked for more hours in the day. Given the impossibility of that request, we have to find a better way to manage the time we have to match the tasks we have – both professionally and personally.

Understanding how to overcome procrastination is a key to getting more done in any 24 hour day.

Managing your time needs improved scheduling and prioritization skills. This session offers practical tips, tricks, and lessons for improved time management.


For everyone!

For anyone who feels overloaded with tasks and struggles to balance life and work.

For procrastinators.


Trevor presents this session around the globe at conferences and companies.

If you would like to see Time Management for Procrastinators at your event, send your request to Trevor.


A PDF handout will be delivered to audience members during the session.