Uncovering Your Creativity

Finding & using your creativity


Professional Development Session and Workshop



60-75 minute Professional Development session.


120-180 minute Professional Development workshop.


Creativity is inherent in every one of us. Upon becoming an adult, play and creativity become underused skills.

The first step to using your creativity is to be open, understand that you can always tap into it, and practice means your creativity skills will improve.

This session covers some straightforward methods to re-learn and practice creativity. These are techniques that can be used in various situations, whether you are blocked or wanting to step up your game.


For everyone!

People who do not feel they have a creative bone.

People who are creative and are wishing for more ways to practice creativity.

For anyone who finds themselves blocked at achieving a goal or target.

For those people who want to move beyond the average result – at whatever they do – and step up their game.


Trevor presents Uncovering Your Creativity around the globe at conferences and companies.


A PDF handout will be delivered to audience members during the session.

Professional Development Sessions