Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

Speaking: a different kind of conversation!


Professional Development Session and Workshop



60-75 minute Professional Development session.


120-180 minutes Professional Development workshop.
– Including extended interactive exercises.


Do you find yourself speechless in front of an audience? Does your heart race, your mouth parch, and your perspiration gush? Do your hands shake, your palms sweat, and your knees knock? You are not alone. Your fear and nervousness is a natural phenomenon – and one that you can overcome.

This session will help you understand your fears and show you how to deal with them. Trevor will share with you what he as learned from his experience while speaking around the world and what he has learned from his speaking mentors.

In this session, Trevor will demonstrate specific, practical techniques that you can use to remove the fear of speaking from your Top Ten list of fears. You will be able to recognize the cause of your fears, understand techniques to deal with your fears, and prepare for speaking on any occasion.

Your next speech will be delivered with confidence!


For everyone who has ever had stage fright.

For anyone who trembles at the prospect of speaking to any audience.

And, for anyone who simply wants to speak with more confidence.


Trevor presents Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking around the globe at conferences and to companies.


A PDF handout will be delivered to audience members during the session.

Professional Development Sessions