In-Your-Face Storytelling With a Profound Impact

  Not for the faint of heart and absolutely life changing  

Trevor’s keynote will be the highlight of your conference.

Your audience will talk about this extraordinary experience for a long time.

Trevor is your guide to
living an extraordinary life!

He will challenge you to upend your own perspective, find what the f*ck you were meant to do, and achieve your goals and dreams.

  Excellent! Made me think about creating a life that I can enjoy.
Great presentation!

Keynote Sessions

Trevor presents keynote and endnote sessions around the world.

Get A F*cking Life!
Does work fill your life? Have you ever heard the term ‘spare time’ and wondered what it meant? Are you
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You Are Extraordinary
The keynote
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  Trevor’s session was emotional and really connected with the attendees.
Really powerful.


Trevor is the author of several published and upcoming books.

Never Iron When You Are Naked
The book!
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Breathe On Peppers
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What The F*ck Was I Meant To Do?
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You Are Extraordinary
Three practical commonsense steps to living an extraordinary life COMING SOON!
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  I never knew I needed these words, until I heard them.  


Trevor conducts online coaching sessions.

Finding Your Passion
Two hour workshop
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Following Your Passion
Online coaching. 1 hour per week for 6 weeks.
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Living Your Passion
Online coaching. 1 hour per week for 6 weeks. 2 in-person sessions
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  Changed my life, just sitting in Trevor’s class.  
  I’d listen to Trevor speak on anything, including hog raising!