Trevor is regularly engaged for personal one on one coaching on an as-requested basis.

All sessions are booked in groups of two hour sessions and are scheduled to suit your availability.


Advice on the art of storytelling. Review your stories and writing process.

Trevor has been a storyteller most of his life. In the last decade, he has been studying the art of storytelling and recently has formed a storytelling mastermind group.


Slide advice with a focus on guiding you to building stunning slide decks to support your message.

Trevor\’s experience with technology and speaking has evolved so that he is considered a world-class slide advisor. He regularly builds slide decks for speakers all around the globe and presents slide advice sessions to conferences.


Guidance on improving your speaking and stage skills.

Trevor has been a speaker for over 25 years and taught speakers the art of speaking for many of those years. He has been the Dean of the National Speakers Association New York City chapter Speaker Academy.