From Story to Slides to Stage

This full day program is designed for employees who are preparing to speak at events to represent their team, division, or organization.

Trevor and his partners will be engaged with you for this program. The team brings incredible and valuable experience, having been engaged in this process for themselves and guided many students through the entire process at all stages.

Focus is on three stages.

1. Story

The unique story for the individual will be developed. Analysis of several facets is the first step.

  1. The character of the individual
  2. The conference/event theme
  3. The individual\’s topic
  4. The personal speaking history of the individual

The results of this analysis will be used in a working session with each individual to craft the unique story.

2. Slides

For each unique story, a stunning slide deck will be designed and built in conjunction with the speaker.

These slides will conform to the event requirements, and will provide a perfect tool to facilitate the delivery of the speaker\’s message.

3. Stage

Working with each speaker, their stage presence will be polished and guided to a level of excellence beyond their current skills.

This stage of the program will be in-person. Practice with video and live audiences will be used to polish and perfect the message, the story, and the delivery.

Follow up

For every session presented, additional review and critique will further polish the story and message, the slides, and the presentation.


For each speaker, their level of presentation skills will be highly improved. Their confidence for speaking will be high, their speaking sessions will be highly reviewed, and their work productivity will increase.

Your events will deliver high value and audiences will be engaged, entertained, and educated. Your future events will be in high demand.