Stunning Slides

Building Presentations to Make a Difference.


Professional Development Session and Workshop



60-75 minute Professional Development session.


120-180 minute Professional Development workshop.
As time permits: an interactive stunnification of attendee slide decks.

Hourly engagement for slide deck advice.
Single rate for stunnification of one slide deck.


Trevor presents insights into developing slide decks to represent your presentation topics, suit your presentation style, and facilitate the delivery of your message without distraction and more effectively.

This session teaches speakers to raise the level of their slide decks to match the level of their topic and message.

The philosophy espoused follows three tenets: clean, concise, and consistent.

You will leave with a newfound respect for your slides and be a more stunning presenter!


For anyone wishing to create stunning slides to support their message.

For anyone who builds and presents using Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi, Google Slides, etc.

For everyone wanting to learn how to improve their presentation slide decks.


Trevor presents Stunning Slides around the globe to companies and conferences.


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Professional Development Sessions