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  Trevor is a creative force in a world of technology  

Professional Development Sessions

Trevor presents Professional Development sessions at technology conferences around the world.

Stunning Slides
Trevor presents insights into developing slide decks to represent your presentation topics, suit your presentation style, and facilitate the delivery
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Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking
This session will help you understand your fear of speaking and show you how to deal with it.
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No! No! Yes, And..
In this session, Trevor explores the world of No! and shows how it applies in your life - both business
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Uncovering Your Creativity
This session covers some straightforward methods to re-learn and practice creativity.
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Time Management for Procrastinators
This session offers practical tips, tricks, and lessons for improved time management.
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Finding Your Passion/Purpose/Calling
This session is a workshop to start the journey of discovering your passion, your purpose, your calling.
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