Be the star that YOU are!

Discover your superpower!

Face your fears!

Find your passion, purpose, calling!

Step up to make your difference in your world!

You are a star!

Together we can shine our lights to make an impact in our world and bring balance, joy, and positivity to effect lasting change.

Seeking life/work balance will help grow productivity, strengthen team relationships, and encourage employee retention.

As you seek balance, a framework will accelerate your journey to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Trevor’s Seeing Stars model is a framework that has been adopted around the world to guide you to find balance and fresh perspectives, and shine your light.

You can bring the Seeing Stars model to your event.

Let’s make a difference..


Seeing Stars model

The Seeing Stars model is founded in the Southern Cross constellation.

Perspective allows us to see the world with enhanced awareness and to be more open and accepting of difference.

Presence focuses on knowing our place in the world and being confident of who we are.

Power emphasizes stepping up to our strengths and superpowers.

Play encourages self-permission to be more balanced and an ability to see the world with awe and wonder.

Purpose is about understanding how our goals and beliefs guide us to making our difference in the world.

The Seeing Stars model will guide you to
Be The Star That You Are!

Let’s make a difference, in the world…


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