Seeing Stars – a keynote

Fresh Perspectives for Tired Eyes, Noisy Minds, Dark Days

It’s tough to see things clearly when surrounded by clowns, frowns, and a world turned upside-down. We often get stuck in mindsets that keep us from making a real difference in our spheres of influence, mindlessly looking down at our phones instead of intentionally looking up at the glorious sky to see the stars. Trevor Perry is a global speaker, award-winning author, and creative computer weenie who entertains, challenges, and invites you to ask the bigger questions, expand into fresh perspectives, and gather more wisdom. See a larger world with laughter, joy, and curiosity!

You will:

  • Explore your passionate purpose to identify what you are meant to do when you grow up
  • Tap into your personal power to elevate your ordinary into the extraordinary
  • Engage in practical play to find that ever-elusive state of balance and finally get a life

Start truly seeing. Stop endlessly searching…

To the stars!

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Trevor Perry