How do you brighten even the darkest days?
The answer is knowing where to look!

Trevor Perry’s signature keynote will reveal the answer…

Shine your light and make a difference in your world!

Empowering You to Make a Difference in Your World

It’s tough to see things clearly when surrounded by clowns, frowns, and a world turned upside-down.

We often get stuck in mindsets that keep us from making a real difference in our spheres of influence, mindlessly looking down at our phones instead of intentionally looking up at the glorious sky to see the stars.

Participants will:

  • Identify how fresh perspectives can open our world
  • Understand the importance of their personal presence
  • Learn who they really are comes from their personal power
  • See how balance comes from engaging and indulging in play
  • Discover how their purpose is the key to making a difference

Together, we can shine our light, overcome darkness, and collectively make a difference in this world.

Seeing Stars Model

The model used for Be The Star That You Are leverages the
five major stars of the Southern Cross constellation.

Each star corresponds to one step in the model.


With a renewed perspective, we can expand our world. 


Presence is about being grounded and knowing who we are.


Who we really are comes from our personal power.


Balance comes with engaging and indulging in play.


Our calling, that thing we were meant to do with our lives. 

Seeing Stars is a perfect fit for your next conference

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who is:

Great at offering a perfect mix of personal stories and actionable content

Entertaining and interactive
(did I tell you that I used to do improv?)

Different – without being rude and crass

Easy to work with and thrives on audience interaction
– before, during, and after the presentation

Not afraid to break the mold of a normal “formulaic” speaker
(I skip the pet jokes and “how’s everybody doing today?” questions)

(I’ve been a motivational speaker for over 25 years)

Memorable and connects deeply with the audience so it feels like a one-on-one conversation (not to brag, it’s not uncommon for people to line up following a presentation to have a chance to talk with me)

Engaging and brings *play* to the audience
(that sense of childlike wonder and curiosity)

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Trevor Perry