No! No! Yes, And…

Using Improv Skills for Negotiating

Keynote: 45-60 minutes
Workshop: 4 hours

Negotiation is one of the keys to success – successful management, successful careers, successful companies, successful IT organizations.
Learning to say No! is a first step in the negotiation process. Learning the right time to say No!, learning the right place to say No!, learning the right words to say No!, will increase your success when you are using your negotiation skills.

In this session, Trevor explores the world of No! and shows how it applies in your life ¡ both business and personal, and where it fits in your negotiation toolbox.To enhance the No! experience, another negotiation skill for your toolbox will be explored. “Yes! And..” is a technique taught primarily in improvisational acting education. Trevor will relate how it fits into your business environment, and provide practical examples of its use. Prepare to be challenged as you learn new skills and sharpen your negotiating senses!

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Trevor Perry