Artificial Human Intelligence

The current trend of AI runs the gamut from exhilarating to terrifying.

At one end of this spectrum, the incredible functionality offered by AI is already revolutionizing the modern world. Variously described as the next best thing after the internet or the printing press, the potential of AI is extremely promising. At the other end, fear reigns. Far beyond just the “my job will be replaced by AI”, there is a general foreboding about the sentience of AI – when will the “robots” take over? At the same end, there is a concern about a lack of guardrails and bad players using AI for nefarious purposes. When those bad players belong to rogue states, impending doom rules. 

In all these narratives, there is rarely mention of human intelligence (HI). While we are distracted by the conversely cool and scary AI prospects, AI is nothing without HI. I am dedicated to investigating and discussing the concept of HI being greater than AI in a series of articles to be found here.


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Trevor Perry