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With a background in accounting, and a storied technology career, Trevor brings his knowledge, skills, and experience to businesses around the world.

As a creative force in the world of technology and with his street theater and improv background, Trevor’s workshops and sessions are always interactive and educational. Individuals are motivated and inspired, resulting in more cohesive teams and groups. With improved life/work balance, employees find they are more efficient and productive every day.

Trevor has been an advisor to CTOs and worked with them to ensure IT strategies align with business, and facilitate the adoption of modern applications and infrastructure, with security as a key foundation.

He was appointed an IBM Champion for Power Systems as a result of his efforts in the IBM i community. He has been a mentor at all stages of his career, and regularly coaches individuals looking for personal growth in their chosen career.

Trevor has spoken at events around the world, from futures keynotes, to understanding modern tech, to motivating and energizing audiences, ensuring their experience is stellar and they return to their jobs with enhanced skills. Customers and audiences find his approach refreshing, imaginative, visionary, and inspirational.

Listen to Trevor review his IT and business experience to discover where your needs and his offerings sync:

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Trevor has been facilitating workshops and sessions over a storied career in technology. His experience working with technology companies ranges from coding to CTO and strategy.

After these workshops, employees will find elevated energy, better communication, and stronger teams.

Trevor’s workshops vary in length. For events, workshops are generally 2 to 4 hours. For multi-day workshops, initial in-person meetings are held, and followup meetings can be in-person or online.

  • Storycrafting for Presenters
  • Storycrafting for Business
  • Stagecraft – Overcoming Your Fear of Speaking
  • Slidecraft – Building stunning slides for stunning presentations
  • Story to Slides to Stage – multi-day in-person workshop


Trevor is an experienced global speaker. He has been recognized with many speaking awards, and audiences come back for more.

A keynote from Trevor will ensure your event is energized, and your audience is prepared for the education, knowledge, and wisdom they will receive.
An endnote from Trevor means that audiences leave, after having a positive and memorable experience.

Trevor’s signature keynotes are 45-60 minutes long.

  • Be The Star That You Are – Empowering You to Make a Difference in Your World
  • No! No! Yes, and… Using Improv Skills for Negotiating
  • AI4U – Understanding & leveraging AI


Trevor’s skills at facilitating is in demand around the world. He is regularly invited to lead modernization architecture, business and IT strategy, and IT planning sessions.
All participants are encouraged to contribute, offer opinion, and have their voice heard.


At many events, Trevor is a panel moderator, from 2 to 10 panelists.
All participants are encouraged to bring and share their experience and expertise in the panel topic.

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