A motivating & entertaining multi-faceted speaker.

  The Art of Positivity!  

Unique Perspective

Trevor is a keynote storyteller. He is the founder and CXO (Chief Extraordinary Officer) at URXO.

Trevor is a keynote speaker, storyteller, author, writer, motivator, emcee, actor, director, stand-up open-mic’er, coach, guide, artist, slide advisor, technologist, futurist, student, global citizen, creator, and collector of wisdom.

An Australian living in the United States, Trevor’s unique background and heritage allow him to use storytelling with humor and translation to entertain you, challenge you, and make you feel.

His books are written in a voice that is easy to read, will remind you of the rich world in which you live, and can be read one page at a time.

His keynote sessions are interactive and include serious stories to play moments – all of which will challenge your perspective.
Each one offers your own permission to live an extraordinary life.

Trevor spends his time on many pursuits, included travel, reading, facilitating a storytelling mastermind, and speaking at open mics for both standup comedy and storytelling.

Trevor is direct, entertaining, motivating, sometimes blunt, always inspiring, and he can spot a spelling or grammar error from a distance of 100 feet.

  Trevor’s enthusiasm is contagious.  


Inspiring life/work balance sessions
Extraordinary life lessons

Down to Work..

  Trevor’s session was emotional and really connected with the attendees. Really powerful.  

A Keynote Speaker and Coach, Trevor entertains, inspires, and challenges audiences.

Trevor’s approach follows these tenets:

  • Balancing your work with your life will put more life in your work
  • Finding your passion/purpose/calling will make a difference in the world that is your sphere of influence
  • Living an extraordinary life will realize your goals, dreams, and desires

Trevor’s unique perspective guides audiences to evolve their perspective.



Creative professional development sessions
Extraordinary soft skills

Back to Life..

  Trevor is a creative force in a technology world  

A Professional Development speaker at technology conferences and companies around the world.

Trevor brings:

  • Practical exercises
  • Impractical thoughts
  • Common steps
  • Unusual steps

Attendees leave motivated with evolved soft skills and a renewed enthusiasm for their day job and their career.


An Interview

Ramon Ray from Smart Hustle interviews Trevor.