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Trevor Perry
Award-Winning Speaker | Author | Perspective-Changer


Trevor is a tremendous speaker and is so charismatic and likable. He keeps you fully engaged and makes you part of the presentation.


Trevor’s not your normal keynote speaker who talks down to you from the podium. Instead, Trevor’s is interactive and comes fully prepared with games and props. When you listen to different speakers a lot of time, your mind is going 1,000 different directions – but not with Trevor.
He keeps you fully engaged and makes you part of the presentation. Trevor believes that everyone has a story – and everyone’s story is valuable. He’s all about empowering people – and that’s what really shines through when he speaks.

– Jennifer Richmond
Founder and Writer for Truth in Between
Host of the Hold my Drink Podcast

Need help navigating
the minefield of “self-help?”
(psst… we all do)

Grab this S.I.M.P.L.E framework that will hand you the roadmap to discovering YOUR version of self-empowerment and self-fulfillment.



Want the secret to living a more well-rounded life?

It’s changing your perspective.

Ah, sounds so simple, right? But you and I know that’s not really the case.

Especially because you’re under constant demands like:

Keeping up with the bullet-train of constant technology changes – while still making it home in time for your kid’s soccer practice


It seems like there are endless bugs in the code, multitudes of support tickets to be answered, another call, another meeting.

Disconnecting from work and reconnecting with your self and family is challenging.

That’s why I flip perspective on its head
and present the idea of


You’re probably wondering, “what’s UNperspective?”

(Good question!)

Well, it’s turning some of your ideas of “perspective” upside down…

Because perspective has a lot to do with inspiring your imagination to think beyond the normal daily grind.

And through keynote speeches, I help you change the way you see the world – both personally and professionally – and gain the power to create real change in your life.

I no longer worry about work when I’m at home,
or worry about home when I’m at work.


Trevor has had a lot of influence on my life with his speaking sessions.
He has a very unique perspective on the world and he always finds a way to say something that makes you feel really good and alive.
Trevor also knows how to keep his audience engaged.
During his session everybody was laughing and engaged. He talks about finding your passion in life while taking care of your body and mind – and gave us steps to do this and find our own version of success at the same time.
Trevor also helped me change my outlook on balancing my home life with work better. I no longer worry about work when I’m at home, or worry about home when I’m at work.
I left the session feeling energized, less alone and very uplifted.

-Kelly Arnold
IT Specialist

Hold my cup of coffee (by the way, I roast my own beans) and I’ll tell you more…

Hi, I’m Trevor Perry

I’ve worked in technology since the internet dark ages (the 1980’s).

I’m an Australian of Irish heritage and now live in the US – and used to put on a fake English accent when I performed street theater in Texas. (Yeah, you could say that I’m not your normal tech guy.)

I’m also an award-winning speaker, author and storyteller.

Years ago when I went through the world’s worst divorce, (because it was mine) I found myself lost behind a monitor and keyboard.

That’s when I set out on a journey of “self-discovery” and learned how to navigate the minefield of self-help and personal and professional development. The biggest lesson I learned was that most of what’s taught doesn’t work for you – or me.

Why so?

Come over here and I’ll explain a little more.

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Ready to kick off your next event with laughter and audience interaction?

Is your audience looking for an easy-to-digest breakdown of the complexities of self-help and work-life balance?

Need a speaker who can talk in techie lingo AND speak to matters of the heart?

(Oh, and one who used to be a street performer at Renaissance festivals. #truestory)

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And now…

the book!

Never Iron When You Are Naked

A book of humorous and insightful essays with advice your mother should’ve given you about life…
but never did.

Trevor has delivered a delightful collection of tips for living a richer and more colorful life.

Through witty stories and touching memories, he challenges us to change our perspective and live bigger, better lives. He encourages us to play in puddles and get sand in our toes. He implores us to dream, write Thank You notes, and celebrate our differences.
This book will lift you up—and if you apply some of the suggestions—will make you feel better about yourself as you make those around you feel better about themselves. It’ll help you find your inner happy place; will calm you; will give you warm fuzzies.

– Janine Ballard

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Trevor Perry