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I love Trevor’s honesty, his love of life, and his real desire to make a difference in other people’s lives.

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Can I tell you a story?

I grew up in Australia in a small town in the middle of nowhere – also known as the “bush”.

Just a mile from my house, there were no humans – only kangaroos, snakes, lizards, and other wildlife.

I was always a curious kid. From my earliest memories, I knew there was something more than just being born, growing up, getting married, having kids, then dying.

My brother and I use to explore the bush on a regular basis. We’d run around exploring for many, many hours. And when the sunset, we’d see the stars in the sky.

It was when I’d see the Southern Cross constellation that I felt grounded. To this day, the Southern Cross finds me at peace with life and myself.

We often find ourselves caught up in the hyperspeed of life’s inertia, we forget to pause. We don’t take time to look up into the sky and see the stars. We don’t take time to look around us and see the stars in our own lives. We don’t take time to find our own star.

My signature keynote Be The Star That You Are is about being the star that you are, in order to shine your light in your world – the world that is your sphere of influence.

I know that is not your normal keynote speaker introduction – and that’s because Be The Star That You Are is anything but “typical”.

Trevor built a rapport with a large audience easily. His message was cohesive and he backed it up with interesting and engaging example.

I was looking for a speaker for one of our upcoming events and Trevor caught our attention. From the beginning, Trevor was approachable and easy to speak to – and we thought he’d be a perfect fit.
During his session, Trevor gave a cohesive message and backed it up with interesting and engaging examples. He broke down big life concepts into bite-sized pieces that we could absorb and built a rapport with a large audience ver easily.
The feedback we received for his session was very positive and his message resonated with people.

-Jacob John
Consumer Services Program Manager | Dell Technologies

Trevor Perry
Award-Winning Speaker | Author | Perspective-Changer

Hold my cup of coffee (by the way, I roast my own beans) and I’ll tell you more…

Some say I am not your typical ‘motivational’ speaker!

I’m an Australian of Irish heritage and now live in the US – and used to put on a fake English accent when I performed street theater in Texas. (Yeah, you could say that I’m not your normal tech guy.)

I’m also an award-winning speaker, author and storyteller who’s worked in technology since the internet dark ages (the 1980’s)..

The technologist part of me? ALL left-brained and analytical.

The right side of my brain allows me to see things and solve problems through a creative lens (and unashamedly perform at renaissance festivals).

What happens when you combine both sides? The sky’s the limit!

Outstanding! Bring Trevor back!

With my unique perspective, I guide people to finding and shining their light, in order to make a difference in their sphere of influence.

If you are ready to kick off your next event with the perfect mix of story and actionable content, I am ready for you!

If you want a memorable experience that the audience will talk about for weeks after the event, I will bring that experience!

If you need a speaker who shows the audience how to shine their light and make a difference in their world, I am your speaker!

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Trevor Perry