Professional & Personal Development

Trevor offers various workshops and sessions for events, conferences, companies, and organizations.


Story to Stage

Storycraft, Stagecraft

Workshop: 6 hours

This is a workshop combining the Storycrafting workshop with the Stagecraft workshop

Story to Slides to Stage

Storycraft, Slidecraft, Stagecraft

Workshop: 8 hours over 2 sessions

This is a workshop combining all three speaker workshops – Storycrafting, Slidecraft, Stagecraft

Storycrafting for Business

A Storytelling Framework for sales,
pre-sales, business presentations

In person: 2 days
Online: negotiable {2 presentations, 4-6 followup sessions)

This is a complete workshop using the Storycrafting Framework designed for organizations who need to evolve and improve their storytelling for a competitive advantage.

Breakout Sessions


A Storytelling Framework

Session: 45-60 minutes
Workshop: 4 hours

In today’s world, we are tasked with mastering many skills.

We are called upon to be an expert in our field, a translator of concepts and ideas, an effective communicator, even an entertainer, and often a connector.

Storytelling has become the skill du-jour, and it is common across movies, tv, sales pitches, marketing, speaking, training, and consulting.

In this program, Trevor will show how the art of storytelling can be used to ensure effective communication and a connection with your audience.

The foundation is set by reviewing the basics of storytelling, then a storytelling framework is introduced to help develop each story.

Participants will leave with practical storytelling skills that will empower you for years to come. Every one will have a renewed appreciation and vigor for the power and art of storytelling.

For workshops, participants can bring a personal or work story to work on during the program. There will be hands-on time to further develop each story into a work of art. Depending on available time, some participants will have the opportunity to share their story and receive a constructive critique.

Stunning Slides

Slidecraft to Stunnify your Slide Decks

Session: 45-60 minutes
Workshop: 4 hours

Insights into developing slide decks to best represent your presentation topics, suit your presentation style, and facilitate the delivery of your message without distraction and more effectively than ever before.

This session will teach keynote speakers, breakout speakers, and business presenters to uplift their slide decks to match the level of their topic and message.

The philosophy espoused follows three tenets for slide decks – that they should be clean, concise, and consistent. You’ll leave with a newfound respect for your slides and be a more stunning presenter!


Overcoming Your Fear of Speaking

Session: 45-60 minutes
Workshop: 120 minutes

Do you find yourself speechless in front of an audience?
Does your heart race, your mouth parch, and your perspiration gush?
Do your hands shake, your palms sweat, and your knees knock?

You are not alone.

Your fear and nervousness is a natural phenomenon – and one that you can overcome. This session helps you understand your fears and shows you how to deal with them.

Trevor shares his experience gained while speaking around the world and what he has learned from his speaking mentors. This session explores specific, practical techniques that you can use to remove your fear of speaking. You can learn to speak with confidence!

Creativity for Non-Creatives

How a Fresh Perspective Boosts Creativity

Session: 45-60 minutes

In this session, Trevor will take you on a journey of how creativity fits in a normally logical world.

He’ll cover some practical commonsense ideas on where creativity might help in unexpected ways. He’ll show you how refreshing your perspective and outlook on life, balance, or your project will make a difference in achieving top level results.

Bring your already open mind to this session, and be prepared to see your world with new insights.

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