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You have power Let’s shine your light!

Trevor is regularly asked to present at events for women in business and technology.

He approaches his presentations as a guide, without mansplaining, talking down, dictating, or forcing audiences to follow an approach that is inappropriate.
Click here to watch Trevor explain that, sure he looks like an old white guy, yet his attitude and approach is far from that.

From conversations with women, the challenges women in business must overcome are numerous. Aside from the usual discrimination, unequal pay, or being overlooked for deserved promotions, women are often told their opinions don’t matter, their ideas are discounted and then appropriated and represented as someone else’s. Trevor brings perspectives that can help women step into their power to counter these obstacles.

From a personal perspective, these conversations have revealed that self-doubt is ever-present, and facing self-doubt becomes stressful. These conversations also reveal that women often hide their skills, their ideas, and their opinions for various reasons. Trevor offers perspectives that help counter self-doubt and step into your own power.

Trevor’s interactive approach to engage audiences is a highlight. He is skilled at improv, and each session has its own flavor depending on the audience and their involvement.

These topics are the most requested by women in business and women in technology events.

No! No! Yes, and…

Using Improv Skills for Negotiating

Negotiation is one of the keys to success – successful management, successful careers, successful companies, successful IT organizations.

Learning to say No! is a first step in the negotiation process. Learning the right time to say No!, learning the right place to say No!, learning the right words to say No!, will increase your success when you are using your negotiation skills.

In this session, Trevor explores the world of No! and shows how it applies in your life ¡ both business and personal, and where it fits in your negotiation toolbox.

To enhance the No! experience, another negotiation skill for your toolbox will be explored. “Yes! And..” is a technique taught primarily in improvisational acting education. Trevor will relate how it fits into your business environment, and provide practical examples of its use.

Prepare to be challenged as you learn new skills and sharpen your negotiating senses!

Be The Star That You Are!

Empowering You to Make a Difference in Your World

In a world turned upside down, sometimes it seems that all around us is darkness. When surrounded by clowns and frowns, it is tough to see things clearly.

To counter this darkness, we need light, more light. And like the galaxies over our heads, the darkness dissipates when all the stars shine together.

Each and every one of us is a star. Our unique extraordinariness means that we have our own light to shine that no one else can offer. Often, though, we don’t recognize that we are a star, and our light is dim, or does not shine at all.

Trevor brings his signature keynote “Be The Star That You Are!” as a campaign to have all of our stars shine – together – to vanquish the darkness in our world.

Using his Seeing Stars framework, Trevor offers fresh perspectives to be comfortable with our own personal presence, uncover personal power, find balance from engaging and indulging in play, and discover our purpose and mission.

Together, we can shine our light, overcome darkness, and collectively make a difference in this world.

Trevor brings these breakouts/workshops that offer skills improvement for women to be better prepared for all eventualities in the workplace.

  • Storycrafting – A Storytelling Framework
  • Stagecraft – Overcoming Your Fear of Speaking
  • Creativity for Non-Creatives – How a Fresh Perspective Boosts Creativity

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