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Seeing Stars

A motivational and inspirational keynote, Seeing Stars offers a framework for all of us to counter darkness and division.

Fresh Perspectives for Tired Eyes, Noisy Minds, Dark Days

It’s tough to see things clearly when surrounded by clowns, frowns, and a world turned upside-down.

We often get stuck in mindsets that keep us from making a real difference in our spheres of influence, mindlessly looking down at our phones instead of intentionally looking up at the glorious sky to see the stars.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the importance of their personal presence
  • Identify how fresh perspectives can open our world
  • Learn who they really are comes from their personal power
  • See how balance comes from engaging and indulging in play
  • Discover how their purpose is the key to making a difference

Together, we can shine our light, overcome darkness, and collectively make a difference in this world.

No, No, Yes, and…

Using Improv Skills for Negotiating

Negotiation is one of the keys to success – successful management, successful careers, successful companies, successful IT organizations.

Learning to say No! is a first step in the negotiation process. Learning the right time to say No!, learning the right place to say No!, learning the right words to say No!, will increase your success when you are using your negotiation skills. In this session, Trevor explores the world of No! and shows how it applies in your life ¡ both business and personal, and where it fits in your negotiation toolbox.

To enhance the No! experience, another negotiation skill for your toolbox will be explored. “Yes! And..” is a technique taught primarily in improvisational acting education. Trevor will relate how it fits into your business environment, and provide practical examples of its use. Prepare to be challenged as you learn new skills and sharpen your negotiating senses!


A Storytelling Framework

In today’s world, we are tasked with mastering many skills. We are called upon to be an expert in our field, a translator of concepts and ideas, an effective communicator, even an entertainer, and often a connector.

Storytelling has become the skill du-jour, and it is common across movies, tv, sales pitches, marketing, speaking, training, and consulting.

In this program, Trevor will show how the art of storytelling can be used to ensure effective communication and a connection with your audience.

The foundation is set by reviewing the basics of storytelling, then a storytelling framework is introduced to help develop each story.

Participants will leave with practical storytelling skills that will empower you for years to come. Every one will have a renewed appreciation and vigor for the power and art of storytelling.

For workshops, participants can bring a personal or work story to work on during the program. There will be hands-on time to further develop each story into a work of art. Depending on available time, some participants will have the opportunity to share their story and receive a constructive critique.

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