“Changed my life-just sitting in class.”

I never knew I needed these words—until I heard them.”

“Made me think about creating a life that I can enjoy.”

When it comes to keynote speeches at technology conferences, you typically get one of these two types of speakers:

Professional Development

Personal Development

But the truth is, your professional life will suffer if your home life is a mess—and vice versa.

You can’t go home and relax with your partner or hit baseballs with your kids if you’re unhappy at work.

And you won’t perform at your top level or keep up with Google updates (why are they always messing with things?) at work if you’re miserable at home.

It’s all intertwined.

That’s why you need a keynote speaker that can speak to the heart AND mind.

Enter stage left: Trevor Perry (that’s me!)

The feedback that we received for his session was very positive, and his message resonated with people. It was a great message for our listeners.

I was looking for a speaker for one of our upcoming events, and Trevor caught our attention. From the beginning, Trevor was approachable and easy to speak to—and we thought he’d be a perfect fit with his message, “I’m Extraordinary.”
During his session, Trevor gave a cohesive message and backed it up with interesting and engaging examples. He broke down big life concepts into bite-sized pieces that we could absorb and built a rapport with a large audience very easily. keeps you fully engaged and makes you part of the presentation.

– Jacob John
Consumer Services Program Manager
Dell Technologies

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Through My Keynote Speeches, I Help Technologists Shift Their Perspectives on Happiness, Mindfulness, and Work-Life Balance with Common-Sense Approaches to Life’s Challenges.

(Basically, it’s like self-help for self-help.)

WARNING: These are not your typical keynote speeches.


Outstanding! Let’s all get a life! Bring Trevor back

Here are just a few ways I take a keynote and create an experience the audience remembers long after the conference is over.


Getting out of a rut means doing something out of your norm.

During these sessions, I ask for audience participation and encourage a childlike sense of freedom – without the usual fear and insecurities of silliness.

Here’s an example of “Skulking” – my definition of adults letting loose and “playing.”


Let’s face it: Technology conferences can be busy, dull and like drinking technological concepts from a fire hydrant.

Along with asking for audience interaction, I also use props in my session.

Whether it’s building hearts with Legos to encourage you not to take yourself too seriously – or writing with crayons with your left hand to gain a new perspective – props further audience engagement and help you remember – and apply – the new concepts you’ve learned.


A desk-jockey life removes the fun molecule from technologist’s lives.

Adding humor and silliness to each of my keynotes, you’ll leave the sessions feeling a little lighter, more creative, and better equipped to contribute to your company.

With Energizing and Inspirational Keynote Speeches, I Break Down Complex Ideas Like “Living Your Best Life” and “Finding Your Purpose” Into Easy-To-Understand Concepts.

Trevor’s session was emotional and really connected with the attendees. Really powerful

Get A Life!

Does work consume your life?

Have you ever heard the term ‘spare time’ and wondered how people have time to go away on the weekends or hit the gym after work?

Are you stuck in a rut and feel like you’re trapped?

Then you need to “Get a Life!”

This entertaining and lively session uncovers simple and practical tools that give you a fresh perspective on work and life.

You’ll walk away with the tools to change the balance of work in your life—and put more life in your work. 

In this session, you’ll learn: 

1. Practical ideas of ways to add depth to your life outside of work

2. How to enrich your life by increasing your sphere of influence

3. How to improve your productivity at work using by learning the secret to “happiness”

4. What steps you can take to refresh your perspective so you can enjoy your life

You Are Extraordinary!

Every person on our planet is an individual.

You have unique fingerprints, retinas, life experiences, parents, feelings, thoughts, and outlook.

Your uniqueness makes you extraordinary.

But do you know how to leverage your own ‘extraordinary’ to change your world, change the world around you, and make a difference? (By the way, this is also how you find your ‘“purpose.”)

Trevor shows you how to adjust your own perspective and discover the secret to work-life balance (spoiler alert: there isn’t one!)

In this session, you’ll learn: 

1. Adjust your own perspective and see the world around you differently

2. Find your passion and purpose so you can live an extraordinary life

3. Make a difference in your world (the key to finding more balance and connection both personally and professionally)

Navigating the Self-Help Minefield

A Survival Framework

You might be asking yourself:

– Who am I deep down?
– Where am I headed?
– How do I get there and truly improve my life?

Maybe you’ve even picked up a book or two or listened to the podcast to answer some of these elusive questions.

But when it comes to self-help, there’s not one correct answer.

What you need is a framework that you can apply to find the *right* self-help for you.

When you can apply a tested formula, it becomes a simple foundation for your journey to improve your life—on your terms.

Trevor offers his usual direct, entertaining and inspiring perspective and challenges you to live your extraordinary life.

In this session, you’ll learn: 

1. A framework you can use to create the rules for your own self-discovery

2. How to progress towards goals and dreams quickly

3. How to navigate your own unique path through the complex world of self-help

Most fun I’ve had all day! All week!

Trevor’s enthusiasm is contagious.

You Want Trevor Perry as the Keynote Speaker at Your Next Technology Conference if You….

1. Want an energetic speaker who navigates seamlessly through the boundaries of personal and professional development with the use of storytelling.

Sound like we’re a good fit?

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Trevor Perry