Once in a while, an event comes along that unexpectedly surprises and delights audiences. xTREVORganza does that!

An entertainment spectacular bringing mirth, merriment, music, magic, and motivation!
In August 2021, xTREVORganza I was held at the Ground Floor Theatre in Austin, TX.
Click here to view the entire event.

On July 20th, 2022, xTREVORganza II was held at the Violet Crown Cinema in Austin, TX.

A link to the event recording will be found on this page when the video has been published.

Sandra Dee Robinson’s mission is to help move people from where they are, to where they are Designed to be.
She is a known television actress (former soap opera star), international speaker, author, TV and radio host, and a trusted advisor to gifted leaders who feel pulled to create a positive impact on the planet.
Sandra Dee founded Charisma on Camera Performance Coaching in 2010 and in 2018 began her nature-based leadership and communication coaching, Horsepowered Consulting featuring her exclusive retreats featuring coaching with horses!

Connect with Sandra Dee at SandraDeeRobinson.com

Michelle Villalobos (AKA: The “Superstar Activator”) works with mission-driven Superstars to reimagine and redesign their careers, businesses, and lives for more freedom, fulfillment, income, and impact. She does this by helping them align what they DO with who they (really) ARE, and then implement the plan of action—and cultivate the mindset—to support the new vision.
During her 15+ years as a mentor and speaker, Michelle’s most popular presentations and programs include: Brand Yourself Like A Superstar, Work & Play, Every Day; and Sales As Service; among others. She leads the Superstar Business Breakthrough 3 times a year, during which participants design and develop a new vision and 90-day launch plan – in just 3 days.

Connect with Michelle at superstaractivator.com

Michelle recently launched But I Want To Fly! an inspirational performance and keynote all rolled up into one. Oh, and it’s a book too!

Theresa Rose is a Content Crystallizer, Strategic Co-Creator, and Mindful Performance Thought Leader who works with talented thought leaders to clarify, amplify, and monetize their Brilliance.

Visit https://dot.cards/theresarose to connect with Theresa!

All his life, Saul Ravencraft has fed on stories. His influences are The Twilight Zone, Franklin W. Dixon, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Hammer Horror, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, Alfred Hitchcock, Jim Henson, Gene Roddenberry, Clive Barker,  and so many more.
Saul is wonderful. He provokes wonder. Saul is marvelous. He causes marvels. Saul is fantastic. He creates fantasies. Saul is glamorous. He projects glamour. Saul is enchanting. He weaves enchantment. For those who dare, Saul can be terrific. Saul regularly does fortune telling and interactive entertainment for corporate clients including Fanny Mae, Electronic Arts, and PayPal. He also does house parties, festivals, and other events where people want something immersive and engaging.
He would like to create something unique to take you and your friends down the rabbit hole.

To connect with Saul, visit him at saulravencraft.com

Rick Lozano helps people unlock potential and amplify their talent, and he does it all with his unique blend of energy, expertise, and a musician’s soul.
After twenty years of experience in award-winning talent and leadership development programs, Rick built his own business, Unlock & Amplify®. He brings his creative approach to audiences across the globe combining his skills as a world-class speaker and facilitator with his talents as a singer/songwriter and musician.
He is the author of Acoustic Leadership – Develop A Leadership Culture That Resonates and has built a reputation for his refreshing delivery that leaves audiences raving and – more importantly – with action items they can immediately implement to produce change.
He’s been featured in CMS Wire, Training Magazine, and the Huffington Post and has spoken for organizations as diverse as Wells Fargo, the American Health Association, James Madison University, and Great Clips.
He is serving as the 2022-2023 President of the Austin Chapter of the National Speakers Association and holds the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation, a credential only held by 17% of the thousands of members worldwide.
Engage. Develop. Inspire. These are the things Rick does best, sometimes with a guitar in hand.

For more information, visit ricklozano.com or email RickL@RickLozano.com

Trevor Perry is The Perspective Catalyst. He is an Australian of Irish heritage who lives in America, and spent time faking an English accent performing street theater. Trevor brings his unique perspective to the stage, entertaining, motivating, and inspiring.
Trevor’s signature keynote, Seeing Stars, encourages people to find their guiding light, shine their star, and make a difference in the world that is their sphere of influence.
Trevor’s book, Never Iron When You Are Naked, is the best motivational book to read one page at a time.

Be the STAR that you ARE!

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Trevor Perry