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Once upon a time, we spent a week in Galway. Well, it was an AirBnB five miles outside Galway. There was zero internet, absolutely awful cell service, and a swamp across the road. It was totally lovely and relaxing. We toured the area and found quaint coffee shops in which to sit and ponder life. We borrowed as much internet from the downtown Costa until it ran out – mostly to download movies to watch later in our cottage.

One of the experiences that we found on AirBnB was a Scone Baking class at Murrays. With my curiosity at a high, the class was booked and in due time, we turned up. There were four other people in the class – three girls in a group, all from the UK, one originally from the US, and a young German traveler who had just walked four days across Ireland. We all got our hands dirty, and with the patient guidance of Doireann, our instructor, we baked some gorgeous and tasty Irish scones.

The scone recipe itself came home with appropriate stains and curled edges. With very little urging, whenever guests come over, I dive in and bake scones. I have baked plain scones, raisin scones, cranberry scones, and various kinds of cheese scones. The joy of baking scones is a high. The joy of experiencing the tasters enjoying the scones is also a rush. It can be experienced if you found a way to make things!

If you would like the recipe, please send me a note from my Request More Information page and ask for a copy.

Beyond scones, I was given an ice cream maker a while back. Being a Type 2 diabetic, I was wary of the amount of processed sugar needed for the standard recipe. I searched for alternatives, and discovered what appeared to be a quite tasty honey ice cream recipe. I have discovered that natural honey metabolizes differently for me than processed sugar – it spikes my blood sugar but the effect lasts a lot shorter than other sweeteners.

I have since used natural maple syrup, and while that is delicious, I do prefer the honey ice cream. The result is the tastiest ice cream you will ever have! Ok, that’s a brag, but it really does taste sweeter when you know you created this dessert treat. This rush can be experienced when you find your way to make things!

Photos by Irina – find her at Power Portraits.

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