Is it really all about YOU?

When the cover of the book has your photo, that makes you more important than your message. When your opening slide has a larger-than-lifesize photo of you while you are standing on the stage in sight of the audience, that makes you more important than your message.

I have heard multiple excuses for this phenomenon. In one instance, the speaker/author uses their own image for all of their personal and business branding. They also refer to themselves in the third person and write posts and comments using their own name when talking from their perspective. This is truly disconcerting, but each to his own. Advice from anyone about starting a business usually suggests not using your own name when you name a company – unless you are a celebrity, and more importantly, if you ever want to sell the business.

Certainly, this is completely up to you. The idea that you will be remembered longer than your message may indicate your narcissism. Is that harsh? For some people, it will be. Especially if they had not seen this situation from this perspective. It may cause some poking of the ego to occur, and if you cannot get over that pain, then you should stop reading and move on.

The suggestion that YOU are more important than your message is something you may want to reconsider. Don’t look for reasons or excuses, find more Ways to promote your message…

…and make a difference in the world that is your sphere of influence. 

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Trevor Perry