The Speaker Promise

When a speaker stands on a stage – virtual or live, to present to an audience, there is an inherent contract. Outside the standard speaker contract with the event producers, there is an implied contract between the audience and the speaker. Maybe not an ‘implied contract” by the letter of the law, although someone more […]

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Words are fascinating to me. I am monolingual because I only read, write, and speak English. I truly admire friends of mine who read, write, and speak in multiple languages. My brain hurts just thinking about thinking in any other language than my native. I immigrated to America before I turned 30 and had to

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I recently found a Banksy poster and it now graces my wall. For those who are unaware, Banksy is a pseudonym for an England-based street artist and political activist. Banksy uses graffiti and satirical art to comment on social or environmental issues. His art is in demand across the planet. An apt description is Banksy’s

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Trevor Perry