What The F*ck Was I Meant To Do?

For many of us, we discovered “purpose” from our religion. People are identified as being “called” to serve. I never got that particular calling, but I always admired those who discovered and were serving.

When I went through a life-impacting experience and came out on the other side, I started presenting motivational sessions. In my world, there were a lot of people who were facing retirement, and I wanted to nudge them (read, kick them up the rear) to not “retire”, but to find something to do with their life post-career.

I created a session titled “How to be an IT Survivor” to encourage the audiences to consider what they could do to make a difference in the world. I encouraged them to “find their passion and follow it”. One group came to me after my session and informed me that they did not know their “passion”. They asked if I would teach a session called “Finding Your Passion” and bring it to their next event. I did. It was a success!

At the time, I was not 100% sure why I chose the word “passion”. It has two meanings in this context – the first, a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept; the second, your purpose, your calling. Since then, I have realized that “finding your passion” is something I have been encouraged to do for a long time, directly or indirectly. And here I was, encouraging others to do the same.

As I spoke to many audiences over several years, I discovered that the definitions of passion, purpose, and calling were different, depending on many things. One is your cultural upbringing. Another is your religious or non-religious background. And another is what you have chosen already to do with your life.

After this, I wanted to take out the religious meaning, the spiritual influences, and even secular references. I believe strongly that people from all walks of life and beliefs are searching for something that brings meaning to their life. In my sessions, I call this your MaD thing – that thing you will do to Make a Difference.

At this point, I decided to name my session “What The F*ck Was I Meant To Do?”. It was a title that would tease, stir, and in some cases, shock. It was definitely controversial, but when audiences discover it is not a session about swearing, but finding your “passion, purpose, calling”, the responses are amazing.

I have also discovered that the title WILL offend those with extreme sensitivities. I have discovered that if they are put off by the title, then their level of openness and willingness to grow and evolve is low. They are not my audience.

Are you my audience? Are you seeking? Looking for the MaD thing that will allow you to change the world that is your sphere of influence? I look forward to seeing you in one of my sessions.

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Trevor Perry