Raise The Game

From Story to Slides to Stage This full day program is designed for employees who are preparing to speak at events to represent their team, division, or organization. Trevor and his partners will be engaged with you for this program. The team brings incredible and valuable experience, having been engaged in this process for themselves […]

One on One Coaching

Trevor is regularly engaged for personal one on one coaching on an as-requested basis. All sessions are booked in groups of two hour sessions and are scheduled to suit your availability. Storytelling Advice on the art of storytelling. Review your stories and writing process. Trevor has been a storyteller most of his life. In the […]


Trevor\’s topics are both Life and Work sessions. Here are all his sessions. Contact Trevor for booking or more information. Life Motivational Type: Keynote or Endnote sessions Duration: 40-75 minutes Sessions: Get A Life! What The F*ck Was I Meant To Do? You Are Extraordinary Work Professional Development Type: Breakout sessions Duration: 60-75 minutes Sessions: […]