Work/Life Invasion

There is no such thing as work/life balance.  At any moment in time, one of those sides to the seesaw will have more attention than the other. There is no balance if one side has all the attention. What “balance” means in this context, I believe, is balance over time. If you look at your …

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Not everyone loves you

Social media has changed our lives. It is, most definitely, a confusing mess of noise to wade through. Some people find it oppressive, being unable or unwilling to spend time filtering that noise. Other people have now found their identities in social media groups. More people rely on their chosen social media outlets for their …

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You have clutter!

It’s trendy to follow gurus who show us ways to tidy, organize, and throw out stuff we don’t need. Our lives are full of clutter, and it seems that every time we go out, we bring something back to add to our already overwhelming piles. Sure, they are important knick-knacks or decoration or they have …

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Letter to Stan

In a recent mastermind, the exercise was to write a thank you letter to someone you need to thank and have never thanked. Try it. Here’s mine…. Stan, Thank you for loving us un the purest way you knew how.Thank you for being the role model that inspired your children’s work ethic, creativity, and perfectionism. …

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Do a Favor for a Bully

We are human It’s difficult when people talk about you or to you in a derogatory way. Such words can severely affect our own self-esteem. We humans want to be loved, or at least liked, by other humans. This can become destructive when it becomes the primary focus of your life. The negativity might come …

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Get A Life!

Does work consume your life? Have you ever heard the term ‘spare time’ and wondered how people have time to go away on the weekends or hit the gym after work? Are you stuck in a rut and feel like you’re trapped? Then you need to “Get a Life!” This entertaining and lively session uncovers …

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You Are Extraordinary

You, yes YOU, are an ordinary human. Why then, do I say “You Are Extraordinary”? It’s simply because there is no one on this planet that can make a difference to the world in the way you can. No one has the same combination of parents as you, family as you, relationships as you. No …

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Trevor Perry