Get A Life!


Keynote/Endnote session


40-75 minute keynote session.


Does work fill your life?

Have you ever heard the term ‘spare time’ and wondered what it meant?Are you stuck in a rut and see little hope of change in the perceivable future?

Work/life balance is an inspiring goal. Yet, there is no balance in life when you look at any single moment. Work/life balance can only be seen when viewed into the past.

This entertaining and energetic session offers play and practical tools that will assist in refreshing your perspective, understanding life/work balance, and learning tips and techniques that can offer more life/work balance.

Learn how to change the balance of work in your life and put more life in your work.


Get A Life! is an inspiring, motivational, entertaining session.

As an opening keynote, Get A Life! inspires audiences to get the most from a conference or event.

As a midpoint keynote, Get A Life! is an escape from the intensity of the learning experience. Get A Life! provides a balance, allowing audiences to take a break from regular conference sessions and recharge.

As a closing endnote, Get A Life! energizes audiences to leave a conference or event with a renewed perspective, cementing wonderful memories, and inspired to new life/work balance.


Trevor presents Get A Life! around the globe at conferences and companies.

Keynote Sessions