You Are Extraordinary


Keynote/Endnote session


40-75 minute keynote session.


I am extraordinary. You are extraordinary. These are words rarely spoken on an average day.

It’s true, each of us is a human like every other. We eat, drink, breathe, sleep, feel like every human.

However, each of us is unique. The combination of parents, upbringing, school, books, movies, and other life experiences is like no other human. That uniqueness means that we have a unique means of making a difference in the world that is our sphere of influence.

This session teaches audiences these lessons and inspires them to live an extraordinary life.

Telling stories, using life lessons, and engaging the audience in practical common sense exercises, Trevor guides the audience through a journey that entertains and motivates.


You Are Extraordinary is an inspiring, motivational, entertaining session.

As an opening keynote, You Are Extraordinary inspires audiences to get the most from a conference or event.

As a midpoint keynote, You Are Extraordinary is an escape from the intensity of the learning experience. You Are Extraordinary provides a balance, allowing audiences to take a break from regular conference sessions and recharge.

As a closing endnote, You Are Extraordinary energizes audiences to leave a conference or event with a renewed perspective, cementing wonderful memories, and inspired to new life/work balance.


Trevor presents You Are Extraordinary around the globe at conferences and companies.

Keynote Sessions