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Once upon a time, we spent a week in Galway. Well, it was an AirBnB five miles outside Galway. There was zero internet, absolutely awful cell service, and a swamp across the road. It was totally lovely and relaxing. We toured the area and found quaint coffee shops in which to sit and ponder life. […]

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I have always wanted to learn magic to add something extra to my speaking sessions. In the process of understanding the magic effects I wanted to use, I learned that a KEY technique of magic is distraction. Much of magic is executed without the audience seeing it, because the magician has distracted the audience from

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I recently found a Banksy poster and it now graces my wall. For those who are unaware, Banksy is a pseudonym for an England-based street artist and political activist. Banksy uses graffiti and satirical art to comment on social or environmental issues. His art is in demand across the planet. An apt description is Banksy’s

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Work/Life Invasion

There is no such thing as work/life balance.  At any moment in time, one of those sides to the seesaw will have more attention than the other. There is no balance if one side has all the attention. What “balance” means in this context, I believe, is balance over time. If you look at your

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Not everyone loves you

Social media has changed our lives. It is, most definitely, a confusing mess of noise to wade through. Some people find it oppressive, being unable or unwilling to spend time filtering that noise. Other people have now found their identities in social media groups. More people rely on their chosen social media outlets for their

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You have clutter!

It’s trendy to follow gurus who show us ways to tidy, organize, and throw out stuff we don’t need. Our lives are full of clutter, and it seems that every time we go out, we bring something back to add to our already overwhelming piles. Sure, they are important knick-knacks or decoration or they have

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